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Upgrading Repair

Complete Upgrading and Repair

Complete PC Upgrade and Repair Service

Covering the entire range of PC upgrades and repair, our technical department is able to provide whole host of IT services. Get professional advice for all your upgrade and installation problems by discussing your requirements with ASIS Technical Department.

We offer a full installation and testing service. Our service takes away the worry and hassle of making the wrong choice or trying to install something you are unsure about. Upgrade and repair advice is given, leaving you to decide on your next course of action!

We offer the same high level of technical expertise and service to on-site clients. If you want us to carry out the technical our in your own premises please contact us for more details.

PC-Health Check

Is your PC or laptop driving you MAD? Crashes ! System Failure ! Blue Screen ! Intermittent faults ! Running Slow ! Mouse Freezes! Do you want to upgrade or speed up your PC (but are not sure what the best options are)?

We can help. We will give your PC a through Check, and give you a report on any faults found and possible solutions. We will also check for virus, back-up and maintenance strategies and propose appropriate solutions for you. We'll also advise you on potential upgrades you could benefit from that will help to speed up your computer.

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