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Networking is more than just about connecting computers together. A lot of though and planning needs to go into designing a stable, reliable and efficient network (IT) infrastructure.

With the convergence of technologies (Telecom (Voice), IT (Data)), not only provides customers the ability to integrates and better mange your Data and Voice but provides great cost saving opportunities as well as greater ROI (‘return on investment').

With the growth of internet and the availability of broadband access, businesses now see the Internet access as necessary as having a telephone system. You network should allow you to integrate your Internet Access, with a well configured server you can also manage your email as well as file sharing.

Internet however has associated risks, primarily from viruses and hackers. Adequate thought and security needs to be set up in order to have a solid secure network.

From cabling, to supplying servers, ASIS takes care of IT all for you. We have in-house technical expertise to take care of the A to Z of your networking. Just setting up a networking and supplying the Kit is not all we do, we also provide comprehensive support packages to support your network.

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