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Our strong point is proving specialist hardware / software catering for your needs. We provide technical solutions to meet your requirements. There are many examples of this we list some below for your perusal

Case Study 1 Small Wonders

A local company came to us in the hope of purchasing laptop computers from us. They had designed a new product for use in the medical industry, and they needed to integrate a computer within their design. The limitations were that it had to be very small so as to fit into their pre designed enclosures. The company's original idea was to purchase laptop computers and use the internal components. This brought two problems. Firstly, this was an expensive method with laptops costing typically £500.00 or more. Secondly, by removing the components from within a laptop computer they were invalidating their warranty. One of our sales team met with the client and spoke at length about their requirements. As an outsider looking in on a problem he was able to identify more suitable products.

Subsequently, we provided the client with a complete solution that consisted of Mini motherboards and many other mini components. This not only saved the client £300.00 per unit, but it meant that each item was still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. The customer's product is now going through testing stages within the medical industry and will be helping to treat and cure thousands of patients some time next year. We are very proud to be associated with such a project as it is set to revolutionise treatment practices in the UK.

Case Study 2 Drinks Drivers

One of our regular customers won a contract to install computers and plasma screens into a large chain of pubs in the UK. The problem was that the screens had to be in the public areas and the computers needed to be in safe areas. Cabling problems and restrictions meant that we could not simply connect the computers to the screens without the signal being lost due the long cabling distances. Also, running monitor cable over these long distances would have been extremely costly. Our solution was to source a device for converting the display signal into a format that was compatible with the much cheaper network cable. We call these specialist products Line Drivers. This meant easy wiring and far lower costs for the overall project. Through this particular customer our computer systems are currently running in many high street retail chains, museums and pub chains. We continue to work closely with our customer to ensure that they are able to offer the best solutions to their customers at reasonable prices.

Case Study 3 The Mouse's Tail

A local education institution needed wireless mice to control Power Point presentations from any area within a classroom. The classrooms can typically be anything up to 30 feet long. Research told us that no mouse manufacturer recommended their mice to operate over such a long distance. We were constantly being told that 5 feet is the maximum unless we use expensive Bluetooth technology.

In true Asis fashion we were determined not to be beaten by this and we set about trying different mice until we found a model capable of achieving the desired distance. The customer has taken delivery of over twenty mice that the manufacturers said didn't exist.

Through shear persistence and determination we were able to supply the customer with the right product and at the right price.

If you have an IT problem and you are having difficulty finding the right solution, give Asis a call. We will do our very best to find the perfect solution for you it helps to know a man who can!

Whatever is your requirements or technical challenge talk to us to see if we can provide a solution to your needs.


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